David A. Cooper


David A. Cooper (aka "Dave" or "Coop" or "Hey Buddy") worked in theatres across the country and on cruise ships in large bodies of water before settling in Los Angeles before the Big One hit. He has worked with Clint Eastwood, Gary Sinise and Tiger Woods, and may be the only actor in the world with that distinction. You may recognize his face from various commercials and TV appearances. However Dave is 5' 9" with brown hair and blue eyes, so he probably looks like someone you know. Maybe that's why you recognize him. Born in Southwick Massachusetts, his first showbiz gig was at the famous Riverside Amusement park in the infamous Critter Shack. Many consider his performance as "Safe Crackin' Sam" in "Showdown at Rivertown" to be the gold standard for theme park entertainment.


Movie Name Release Date
J. Edgar / Джей Едгар (2011) January 20, 2012