Kevin Dunn


Kevin Dunn was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1956. He is an American actor who has made over 100 appearances in both TV and film. One of his earliest roles was in the Alan Parker film Мисисипи в пламъци (1988) with Gene Hackman and Willem Dafoe. He followed this up with Kathryn Bigelow's Синя стомана (1990), Ловци на духове II (1989), and the Brian De Palma hit Кладата на суетата (1990). He has since appeared in a number of box office hits, such as Смотаняци (1991), Верижна реакция (1996), and Годзила (1998). He also appeared in the Oliver Stone epic, Никсън (1995) and the Ridley Scott fantasy film 1492: Завладяването на рая (1992). Dunn is able to fit into various roles in diverse genres with ease, whether the role in question be a political thriller like 'Robert Redford (I)'s Офицери и пешки (2007), an action film such as Tony Scotts Неудържим (2010), or a romantic drama like Woody Allen's Вики Кристина Барселона (2008). He is an established and reliable supporting - and character - actor. He has gained considerable fame as the father in the hit movies Трансформърс (2007), Трансформърс: Отмъщението (2009), and Трансформърс 3 (2011).